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Freeze-Dried Goji Berry 冻干枸杞 (Premium Grade 顶级) | net weight: 45g per bottle - Package B - 2 bottles
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【一心康 Premium 大粒装冻干枸杞】1 罐 = 45g



特点:100% 纯、香

100% 不添加防腐剂、色素、香精

100% 粒粒分明,粒粒big size

100% 口感好,色泽鲜明
















我们的【一心康冻干枸杞】拥有国际认证,如: SGS、FDA、ISO22000、KOSHER









【Yi Xin Kang Freeze-dried Goji Berry Premium Grade】1 bottle = 45g

❌We are definitely different to those normal dried goji berries



Product Features:

100% pure and original

100% do not contain any preservative, coloring, fragrance

100% premium big-sized gojiberry

100% Good taste, colour distinct


Our own freeze-drying technology efficiently retains active nutrients

Storage method: Keep in dry condition


Our Goji Berry originated from the Ningxia, Zhongning, deemed to have health preservation effect:

✅Improving eyesight

✅Improving blood sugar, lowering blood lipid and blood pressure

✅Protecting liver

✅Improving sleep quality

✅Hematopoietic effect, which can improve anemia

✅Beauty preservation, anti-aging effect

✅Nourishing Yin and the "qi" of kidney


Our freeze-dried Goji Berry has international certifications, such as: SGS、FDA、ISO22000、KOSHER


✨It is advisable to consume 7-8 gojiberries directly per day

✨It could be used in our daily cooking as well, such as making soup, porridge, stir-fry etc.

✨Pure and strong wolfberry sweet taste

✨Very suitable for adults, children, and elderly people


Details 详情








Instructions 建议饮用


  • 开罐直接吃,免清洗
  • 建议1天7-8粒如果有吃保健品或其它西药的习惯,需隔开1小时吃




Notice 备注
















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6 reviews
Customer Reviews
E**** **n

Bought black sesame ball from this seller. Taste good, less sweet. My constipation issue improves after taking this product. heart

18 September 2023
W***** **m

Tea is good, nice aroma. This product is good in reduce heatiness in body. Will repeat purchase later. heart

11 September 2023
C**** ***g


4 September 2023
S***** **e

A repeat purchase for this product. Previously bought freeze dried goji 45 gram. This freeze dried goji is very much different to the one seen in the market. They are big and beautiful, and will not clump together. Most importantly, we can eat directly without rinsing. My kids love to eat. heart

28 August 2023
K*** **** **n


21 August 2023