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Organic Goji Puree 有机枸杞原浆 Package A - 1 box 10 sachets (1盒 10袋)
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【有机枸杞原浆】功效/  The benefits of consuming【Organic Goji Puree】

✅ Protect the eyes【明目护眼】
✅ Stabilize blood sugar, blood cholesterol level and blood pressure【改善血糖,降血脂、血压】

✅ Provide immune system support 【提高免疫力】
✅ Prevent liver damage【保肝护肝】
✅ Improve depression, anxiety, and sleep【提高睡眠素质】
✅ Have hematopoietic effect which can improve anemia condition【具有造血作用,能改善贫血】
✅ Promote healthy skin【美容养颜、延缓衰老】
✅ Nourish kidney "qi"【滋阴补肾】


Details 详情

Instructions 建议饮用


  1. 开袋即饮,饮用前请摇均匀。
  2. 建议顾客11-2袋,6岁以上小孩可21袋。


  • 如果只想养生,建议早上空腹前1袋。
  • 如果想改善睡眠质量,建议晚上睡前的2小时1袋。
  • 如果常外出应酬或参加宴会,可在饮酒前喝1袋,以保护肝脏。
  • 对于非常热气体质的人士,建议11袋,并且多喝水哦。



Notice 备注


❌ 常腹泻者

⚠️ 温馨提醒❗❗
1. 发烧或感冒的时候,不易服用
2. 如果有吃西药、保健品的习惯,请隔开半至小时。



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3 reviews
What's in the box

1 box 10 sachets (1盒 10袋)

Customer Reviews
S** **e


15 May 2023
L**** **i

I had taken two bottles of  freeze-dried gojiberry. I like the taste. I take this for eyesight preservation. Currently, this is the only brand of freeze-dried gojiberry that I can find in the market. Unlike the traditional drying method, this freeze-dry can preserve nutrients & taste of the gojiberry better. Truly recommended and definitely will repeat order for their good service and product.heartyes

30 April 2023
K**** **o

Bought black sesame from Yi Xin Kang. Good service, their product labelling has full nutrition value tables and information. Love the taste as well.heart

19 April 2023
B***** **n

Bought 100% Mocco Dark Chocolate drink. Mix with oatmilk, taste good. Love this product with no sugar added. Highly recommended.heart

11 April 2023
B****** ***i


1 April 2023