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Black Sesame Ballsbenefits /【黑芝麻球】功效 

Nourishing liver and kidney 滋补肝肾 
Promoting healthy hair 让头发变黑变浓密 
 Good source of fiber to ease bowel movement 帮助您顺畅排便
 Promoting healthy skin 美容养颜,延缓衰老
 Conserving and invigorating health of brain 帮助正在学习成长的孩童健脑益智
 Improving cholesterol level and blood pressure 降低胆固醇、降血压
 Supporting healthy bones 补钙



✔️HIGH CALCIUM, ✔️HIGH PROTEIN, ✔️HIGH FIBRE, with ✔️LOW FAT and ✔️LOW CALORIES as compared to regular black sesame powder!

Ready-to-eat / Super fine / Easy to mix and dissolve / High nutritional value


·        No dairy added

·        No flavouring added

·        No colouring added

·        No trans fat

·        No preservatives added

·        No artificial chemicals added


Benefits of regularly consuming black sesame:

✅A good source of calcium supplement for stronger bones

✅Improve digestive health, aids in constipation

✅Improve cardiovascular health

✅Lower cholesterol

✅Promote healthy hair

✅Rich in antioxidants, promote healthy skin


【一心康 Premium 大粒装冻干枸杞】1 罐 = 45g



特点:100% 纯、香

100% 不添加防腐剂、色素、香精

100% 粒粒分明,粒粒big size

100% 口感好,色泽鲜明
















我们的【一心康冻干枸杞】拥有国际认证,如: SGS、FDA、ISO22000、KOSHER









【Yi Xin Kang Freeze-dried Goji Berry Premium Grade】1 bottle = 45g

❌We are definitely different to those normal dried goji berries



Product Features:

100% pure and original

100% do not contain any preservative, coloring, fragrance

100% premium big-sized gojiberry

100% Good taste, colour distinct


Our own freeze-drying technology efficiently retains active nutrients

Storage method: Keep in dry condition


Our Goji Berry originated from the Ningxia, Zhongning, deemed to have health preservation effect:

✅Improving eyesight

✅Improving blood sugar, lowering blood lipid and blood pressure

✅Protecting liver

✅Improving sleep quality

✅Hematopoietic effect, which can improve anemia

✅Beauty preservation, anti-aging effect

✅Nourishing Yin and the "qi" of kidney


Our freeze-dried Goji Berry has international certifications, such as: SGS、FDA、ISO22000、KOSHER


✨It is advisable to consume 7-8 gojiberries directly per day

✨It could be used in our daily cooking as well, such as making soup, porridge, stir-fry etc.

✨Pure and strong wolfberry sweet taste

✨Very suitable for adults, children, and elderly people



Our Mocco Dark Chocolate product series taste so GOOD‼

  1. Pure
  2. Bitter
  3. Smooth
  4. Rich

100% product safety guaranteed with MESTI、HACCP、ISO22000 and HALAL certifications


We are offering 3 dark chocolate options for you guys:

60% Mocco Dark Chocolate
Ingredients: Dark Cocoa Powder, Dextrose, Locals sugar (low GL)
Taste: slighly sweet, yet having a good aroma cocoa notes


80% Mocco Dark Chocolate
Ingredients: Dark Cocoa Powder, Dextrose, Locals sugar (low GL)
Taste: slighly bitter, well-balanced chocolate in golden ratio for an extra bitterness overwhelming taste sensation


100% Mocco Dark Chocolate
Ingredients: 100% Dark Cocoa Powder
Taste: Rich kaw-kaw, pure bitter sensation that will definitely be the favourite for those ultimate dark chocolate lovers


We are LOW SUGAR chocolate drinks which only use sugar substitutes
and our 100% Dark Chocolate is SUGAR-FREE


Our Dark Chocolate products are suitable for most, if not all range of people:
❤ Obesity
❤ Diabetes
❤ Control Dieter

Origin: Malaysia


⚠ No artificial preservatives or colourings or fragrance added, once open please store in a closed condition and consume within 90 days for its best freshness quality⚠


通过 MESTI、HACCP、ISO22000 和 HALAL 食品安全认证100%,让您喝得安心又放心




【60% 莫愁可可】
成分:黑可可粉、葡萄糖、低 GL糖


【80% 莫愁可可】
成分:黑可可粉、葡萄糖、低 GL糖


【100% 莫愁可可】
成分:100% 纯黑可可粉
口感:香醇浓郁 kaw-kaw,纯粹的苦味绝对是终极黑巧克力爱好者的最爱


我们是低糖巧克力饮料 只选用低GI糖
我们的 100% 黑巧克力不含糖‼

❤ 肥胖
❤ 糖尿病
❤ 控制节食者





【有机枸杞原浆】功效/  The benefits of consuming【Organic Goji Puree】

✅ Protect the eyes【明目护眼】
✅ Stabilize blood sugar, blood cholesterol level and blood pressure【改善血糖,降血脂、血压】

✅ Provide immune system support 【提高免疫力】
✅ Prevent liver damage【保肝护肝】
✅ Improve depression, anxiety, and sleep【提高睡眠素质】
✅ Have hematopoietic effect which can improve anemia condition【具有造血作用,能改善贫血】
✅ Promote healthy skin【美容养颜、延缓衰老】
✅ Nourish kidney "qi"【滋阴补肾】