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Black Sesame Ballsbenefits /【黑芝麻球】功效 

Nourishing liver and kidney 滋补肝肾 
Promoting healthy hair 让头发变黑变浓密 
 Good source of fiber to ease bowel movement 帮助您顺畅排便
 Promoting healthy skin 美容养颜,延缓衰老
 Conserving and invigorating health of brain 帮助正在学习成长的孩童健脑益智
 Improving cholesterol level and blood pressure 降低胆固醇、降血压
 Supporting healthy bones 补钙



【有机枸杞原浆】功效/  The benefits of consuming【Organic Goji Puree】

✅ Protect the eyes【明目护眼】
✅ Stabilize blood sugar, blood cholesterol level and blood pressure【改善血糖,降血脂、血压】

✅ Provide immune system support 【提高免疫力】
✅ Prevent liver damage【保肝护肝】
✅ Improve depression, anxiety, and sleep【提高睡眠素质】
✅ Have hematopoietic effect which can improve anemia condition【具有造血作用,能改善贫血】
✅ Promote healthy skin【美容养颜、延缓衰老】
✅ Nourish kidney "qi"【滋阴补肾】